The Saddle Club

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Saddle Club 78 x half hours

Follows the adventures and personal trials of Lisa, Carole and Stevie at the Pine Hollow Stables. As they approach the whirlwind of adolescence, the girls form the Saddle club and promise to remain loyal to each other and stay horse-mad.

Based on the series of books written by Bonnie Bryant. Crawford Australia/ Protocol Entertainment production (2001 – 2009

Lisa, Carole and Stevie would seem to have it all – a great riding stable with an amazing coach, beautiful horses, and acres of trails to ride on, but for these 12 year old girls the world is quickly expanding. Before they know it, the simplicity of childhood will be lost in the whirlwind of adolescence. As if pressures from the stable, caring for their horses, school, baby-sitting jobs, and parents weren’t enough, now they are beginning to notice boys for the first time. In their ever-changing world, these girls have one thing they can count on: from preparing for a major horse show, to coping with tough issues like the death of a horse, they will go through it all together.


Set amidst the excitement of the horse world, each half-hour episode will take Stevie, Carole & Lisa on a journey of personal discovery and growth. Whether the girls uncover a thief at the stables, or save another rider’s life on an overnight trail ride, all action/adventure stories will be character driven. The focus will be on the relationships among the members of the saddle club and along the variety of interesting, unique and sometimes bizzare people who enter their world.
Pine Hollow Stables provides the central backdrop for each episode. Located in a small community of willow Creek, about 20 km outside a major urban centre, Pine Hollow is more then just a barn. A state-of-the-art riding facility, Pine Holllow boards 18 horses in modern, roomy stalls. The stable backs onto 130 acres of forest and mountain trails. ??While the three heroines spend the majority of their time around Pine Hollow, sometimes storires will revolve around events at school or at home. Occasionally the girls will travel to other stables or riding camps. Wherever they go, they will encounter people and events that change forever the way they see themselves and the world around them.

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