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Newly Weds
52 x 30 min sitcom series
About a young couple and their relationship from the moment they decide to get married.
Produced by Crawford Australia (1994 –1995)
You’re invited to a wedding

“Newlyweds” is a situation comedy about a young couple embarking on the perils of married life. Little do they know what lies in wait as they write their wedding vows.

Starring Annie Jones and newcomer Christopher Gabardi, the series follows the story of their relationship from the moment they decide to get married, through the turmoil of the wedding, and into the brave new world of married life.

A brilliant team of supporting actors including multi-award winning Sandy Gore, Cathy Godbold and Joseph Clements have been assembled to play the roles of family and friends.

“Newlyweds” deals with problems familiar to all young couples: commitment, uncertainty, fidelity, dealing with peers groups and family friction. The story appeals to all ages, whether it be young people fumbling through their first relationship or older couples recalling their own experiences.

“Newlyweds” is produced by Australia’s premier television production house, Crawfords Australia, in conjunction with Media Arys, one of Australia’s most successful comedy producers.


Annie Jones (“Neighbours”, "Jackaroo”) – Allie
Cathy Gold (“Home & Away”) – Jules
Sandy Gore (“Brides of Christ”) – Irene
Christopher Gabardi – Peter

Executive Producer - Terry Ohlsson
Producer – David Taft
Director – Mike Smith