State Coroner

State Coroner
29x1 hour series
This series revolves around a big city Coroner’s court, the lives of those who work there and the drama’s that unfold around them. Produced by Crawfords Productions and Harvey Taft.

Produced by Crawfords Productions and Harvey Taft.
In life there is but one certainty… death.

And for Kate Ferrari, her first day on the job proves to be full of it. Having just attended the scene of a fatal head-on road accident involving three youths no older then her own daughter, she is hastily summoned to the offices of the Justice Commission to inspect  the scene of a fatal bombing where she finds charred bodies of investigators who were obviously getting too close to their targets. All this within hours of accepting the position of STATE CORONER over a disgruntled Deputy Coroner who secretly believed the job was his and is not in a forgiving mood.

Kate Ferrari, magistrate and woman of the nineties heads the team of the Coroners office as they probe through a tangle of underage prostitution, street pornography and political cover up before reaching their final and rather unexpected conclusion.

With the punchy street wise Deputy Coroner Clive Trimble, the young and ambitious police liaison Det. Sgt. Dermot Mc Leod, and the Thirty Something Pathologist Julie Travers, STATE CORONER combines the popular elements of police, medical and courtroom drama.


Wendy Hughes as Kate Ferrari
Bob Baines as Clive Trimble
Christopher Stollery as Dermot McLeod
And Elaine Smith as Julie Travers

State Coroner is a Crawford and Harvey Taft Production and distributed by Eaton Films Ltd


State Coroner from Eaton Films on Vimeo.

Crawfords Productions Pty Ltd and Harvey Taft are the copyright holders of the video