The Henderson Kids

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Henderson Kids 48 x 30 mins. Series
Family entertainment that follows the adventures of Steve and Tam Henderson as they leave the city to make a new life in the country.
Crawford Australia production (1985 & 1987)

The Henderson Kids I
Great Australian Family Entertainment
12 x 1 hour episodes or 24 x half hour episodes

Two city teenagers find their world plunged into chaos following the tragic death of their mother. They land in the custody of their uncle, the local cop in a sleepy fishing village called Haven Bay.

At first they find the country hostile and its people unfriendly … but generally they make friends-firm friends-with Cowboy and his gang. They share their adventures, their schemes, their triumphs and disappointments, and they learn to love the country. But the kids have an enemy. Their mother left them a beautiful, undisturbed piece of land called Henderson’s Point. A local Businessman wants the Point – and he’ll resort to any trickery to get it.

The Henderson Kids II
Great Australian Family Entertainment
12X1 hour episodes or 24 X Half hour episodes

The Henderson Kids are back in the city after leaving Haven Bay. It’s still the same faces from the first series plus some new ones including the Brown Street Boys, the toughest BMX gang in town.. and Tam Henderson has fallen in love, It’s never a dull moment with the Henderson Kids, Australia’s favourite kids.