Alice to Nowhere

Alice to Nowhere
4 hour mini series

Two cold-blooded murderers and their terrified captives are pushed by the
heat and the vast emptiness of Australia’s outback into a hell where
there is no return.

Alice to Nowhere
In a daring heist, two ruthless criminals steal a priceless opal necklace. In the process they murder two men in cold blood.
During their escape they are forced to plant the necklace on an unsuspecting nurse en route to Australia’s dead centre.

Thus begins a chilling quest of greed and desperation as two killers with nothing to lose set out to reclaim the precious jewels.
For the beautiful nurse and her rugged Aussie lover, a journey through the outback becomes a blistering struggle for survival; a war of nerves between hostages and killers.

Starring: Starring John Waters and Rosey Jone, Steve Jacobs, Esben Storm, Swawomir Wabik, Joy Smithers and Martin Vaughan.





Alice to Nowhere: Produced by Brendon Lunney. Directed by John Power. Written by  David Boutland from the novel by Evan Green. Executive Producers Hector Crawford, Ian Crawford and Terry Stapleton.