John Sullivan story

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John Sullivan Story
90 min TV Movie
Spawned by the incredible success of The Sullivans, this is a multi-award winning family story of the intriguing events which took place during those war years,
Produced by Crawfords Australia (1983)

The John Sullivan Story
Running Time 110 minutes.

The Sullivans is the continuing story of an Australian family during the Second World War – the experiences of those who remained at home and those who went overseas to play their part in the war.

John Sullivan did not want to fight, but he saw it as his duty to help those who did.

He was on a ship in the Mediterranean when it was torpedoed. He was posted missing, presumed drowned – his family heard nothing more of him. Over a period of two years, the Sullivans came to accept that their favoured son, gentle sincere John, could be dead.

In December 1943, the family learnt that John was alive and in a London Hospital.

The television movie is the story of what happened to John Sullivan during the time he was missing. It was a story rich in drama, adventure and romance. The John Sullivan Story is set in Yugoslavia during German occupation.

Starring Andrew Macfarlance as John Sullivan

Produced by Crawfords Productions, Australia.