We acquire and distribute TV programmes across multiple content platforms throughout the world

More than 30 years of worldwide distribution and acquisition mark Eaton's strength in the international multi media industry.

World wide success of series such as The Flying Doctors sold continuously in numerous countries and the Saddle Club whose brand Eaton Films has firmly and successfully established throughout Europe.

Dedication to working intensively on each individual title has given Eaton the edge over other international distribution companies. Being based in the same London offices in Holbein Mews since its inception meant that Eaton was well placed to distribute worldwide most effectively and to travel frequently to Europe, Australia and the USA and to International Television and Licensing markets.

The Eaton team has been a constant presence in the business throughout the past two decades.

Eaton has concentrated mainly on Australian titles more recently and the catalogue they hold is a good mix of drama, childrens, documentaries etc with some extremely long running series such as The Sullivans. Recent acquisitions have included an excellent cooking and fishing series both of which are HD productions with many episodes filmed and in production now.

Judith Bland Gordon is the instigator and owner of the company, and her team, comprising of Louise Rimoldi, Carol Sinclair and Bill Treacy all have great experience in their fields.