Alive and Cooking +400 x 30' HD

A cooking series with celebrity chef James Reeson creating delicious recipes both in the kitchen and outdoors in fabulous locations around Australia. 

Alive and cooking is Australia’s hottest cooking show hosted by celebrity chef James Reeson.

The show takes you to the heart of cooking, experienced not only in James’ kitchen but also throughout Australia’s stunning landscapes.

James uses the abundance of Australian fish and meat for main courses which easily adapt to local ingredients. Dishes are mostly light and healthy with vegetarian options and delectable deserts.

Extremely passionate about his cooking, James has an energetic and inspirational style that will encourage any home chef – his passion to create delicious dishes is contagious, and his smooth instruction encourages his mouth watering dishes to be successfully recreated.

Starring: James Reeson

Year of Production: 2009 - 2018