All the Rivers Run II 2 x 120’ SD

The internationally acclaimed and award winning family series of the love between a woman, a man and the river that binds them together. The story continues to twist and turn like the river that brings their lives together.

It is now five years on. The once thriving riverboat trade has been hit hard by bad times with the shearers strike and the arrival of the new roads and railways.

Brenton and Delie and their three children are desperately battling against the odds to make a living on the river. Into their lives walks a mysterious American, Cyrus James who is immediately drawn to Delie. But his friendship with Brenton prevents him from showing his true feelings. A tragic accident sees Brenton arrested and taken to jail leaving Delie to cope alone.

Produced By: Crawfords

Director(s): John Power

Starring: John Waters,Nikki Coghill

Year of Production: 1989