Fortress 90' SD

She is completely alone. With nine school-children and four desperate men.

In the classic tradition of Australian ground breaking cinema – FORTRESS is a heart-stopping suspense thriller.

This theatrical release feature film stars Rachel Ward – as the seemingly helpless schoolteacher supported by a remarkable juvenile cast.

Filmed in 35mm widescreen in the majestic splendour of the Australian bush.

On a lazy day at Sunny Flat School in rugged mountain country, Sally Jones and her class are looking forward to the end of term. Pleasant anticipation turns to stark horror as four grotesquely-masked men descend on Sally and the children and whisk them away at gunpoint.

Their first escape was masterful. The recapture was brutal. Their last chance of survival was their own desperation and the protection of their mountain refuge…. their FORTRESS.

Produced By: Crawfords Australia

Starring: Rachel Ward

Year of Production: 1996