My Brother Tom 4 x 60’ SD

A small town is divided by much more then the river that runs through it. A blossoming love affair between the lovely Peggy MacGibbon and the energetic Tom Quayle becomes the focal point for a powerful conflict between two religions.

The laughter, joy and passion of teenage love, set in the colourful life of a country town, brings together a mini-series of rare quality.

World War II is raging in Europe, but they are peaceful days in St. Helen. Days that are unaffected by the fighting until tragedy drops the effect of war on the towns doorstep. 
A tragedy that shatters every man, woman and child who lives there.

Produced By: Rod Hardy

Starring: Tom Jennings, Catherine McClements, Christopher Cummins, Gordon Jackson, Christopher Mayer, Keith Michell

Year of Production: 1986