The Saddle Club - Series 1 26 x 30’ SD

Based on the series of popular books for young readers, "The Saddle Club" follows the lives of three aspiring equestrians developing their riding skills at Pine Hollow Stables. Each of the girls has assorted personal baggage: Tomboy Stevie's impulsive nature gets her into constant trouble, Carole rides to overcome a family tragedy, and Lisa is an overachiever with a social-climbing mother. Despite their problems (and the schemes of a spoiled rich rival, Veronica), the girls' love of horses and strong friendship with one another is always enough to help them overcome any obstacle.

Produced By: Crawford Australia/ Protocol Entertainment production

Writer(s): Sarah Dodd

Starring: Keenan MacWilliam, Sophie Bennett and Lara Jean Marshall

Year of Production: 2001