This Man ... This Woman 4 x 60' SD

It's common. You're married to a successful doctor. You have no real career of your own. The kids are growing up and don't seem to need you any more. You feel unwanted. It's less common if you're a man. You work seven days a week to build a career. Your spouse is about to leave you. The kids are looking elsewhere for emotional support. Something's got to give. It's less common if you are a woman.

Scratch beneath the surface of many a "successful" marriage and you'll discover rumblings, deep fissures and violent eruptions just being held in check. Neil and Marion Clarke seem to have it all, and basically they are a well suited pair. But problems that can be capped off for many years have a way of blowing up when other pressures get too great. And when they blow, everybody gets burned, everybody is forever changed… This Man…This Woman is the story of one such time.

Produced By: Crawfords, Australia

Starring: Robert Coleby , Catherine Wilkin

Year of Production: 1988